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Public Health Care Guide: For Medical and Health Education

Public Health Care Guide is a health information portal aimed at enlightening members of public on common medical conditions that affects us as well as modern & best health practices and other health related matters.

Publications on Public Health Care Guide are all written or reviewed by Doctors who went to Medical school or other health care professionals in their respective fields, and are available to take your questions and provide possible solutions, thereby bringing the best in medicine and healthcare to your fingertips. We hope to provide quick, effective and dependable answers for your health concerns particularly for non-life threatening cases.

Know that publications posted on this website does not in any way replace the physical need to go to a hospital to see a doctor. Do not delay in seeking medical advice or assistance due to something that you saw or read on Public Health Care Guide.

Recent Submissions From Our Writers

Chronic Pelvic Pain: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Chronic pelvic pain in a young lady may not always be infection, what else can it be? Chronic Pelvic Pain is a common condition among women, which brings a lot …

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Endometriosis: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Do you notice that you bleed from other places asides your private part during your menses? You could be having Endometriosis. In most cases, it comes with this severe pain …

Endometriosis: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment Read More »

Ovarian torsion: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Ovarian torsion or Torsion of an ovary is a medical condition that occurs when there is twisting or rotation of the blood vessels that supplies or drains blood from the …

Ovarian torsion: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment Read More »

Rapid Diagnostic Test for Hepatitis & HIV.
Rapid Diagnostic Testing for Hepatitis & HIV during a Community based outreach to very remote villages for public health enlightenment and medical services,
Tooth Removal
On time referrals to quality tertiary health centres well equipped to handle relevant cases.
World Oral Day Celebration
Celebration of Important United Nations Annual Health Days.
Dr. Umunna
Team of individuals providing round the clock responses for your health concerns.

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It is the people who make Public Health Nigeria what we are. We all work together to help enlighten and educate the Nigerians in Nigeria as well as those outside Nigeria and the African Populace at large on the best healthcare practices and policies.

Together, we can build a healthy generation.

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