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Public Health Care Guide: For Medical and Health Education

Public Health Care Guide is a health information portal aimed at enlightening members of public on common medical conditions that affects us as well as modern & best health practices and other health related matters.

Publications on Public Health Care Guide are all written or reviewed by Doctors who went to Medical school or other health care professionals in their respective fields, and are available to take your questions and provide possible solutions, thereby bringing the best in medicine and healthcare to your fingertips. We hope to provide quick, effective and dependable answers for your health concerns particularly for non-life threatening cases.

Know that publications posted on this website does not in any way replace the physical need to go to a hospital to see a doctor. Do not delay in seeking medical advice or assistance due to something that you saw or read on Public Health Care Guide.



      At Public Healthcare Guide, we connect you to the best dental specialists within your location who can take care of your tooth problems at affordable costs.



      Healthcare should never be out of reach of individuals and Families, regardless of the presenting situation. With our E-Consultation,You are only a minute away from your regular medical consult.



      Health education sometimes takes us to the villages and other remote areas on medical outreaches, for education as well as provision of other basic health care services.

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  • Primary Health Care

    Primary Health Care

    Primary Health Care should be made available to everyone wherever the are in the Country.

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    Pediatric Clinic

    Lets talk about Children. We know how important your child is to you, and we value their health as much.

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    Outpatient Surgery

    some surgeries, example, excision of a lipoma, can be done on an outpatient basis, where you come, and go the same day.

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    Cardiac Clinic

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    Otolaryngological Clinic

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    Ophthalmology Clinic

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    Dental Clinic

    The teeth is a very important part of not just our body, but our life as a whole.

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    Outpatient Rehabilitation

    After your discharge, we make arrangements to continue your rehabilitation on an outpatient basis.


Convulsion in Children in Nigeria

Childhood convulsion usually have a specific cause which must be identified and treated in the management of the convulsion, else, the convulsion would continue to re-occur.

1. Convulsion/Epilepsy is not an infectious disease, so don’t run away from people with convulsion
2. A child having convulsion/Epilepsy does not mean he/she would die
3. Witchcrafts, evil Spirits are not the cause of convulsion/Epilepsy
4. Prayers, Charms, incantations, cow or human urine, kerosene, burning with fire does not treat convulsion/epilepsy.
5. Laying the person on his side can help the convulsion/epilepsy
6. Don’t put your hand, spoons, knife, fork, etc in the person’s mouth
7. Take the person to the hospital once the convulsion stops.


Common Causes of Convulsion in Our Environment Include:

Fever (Especially from Malaria) 76%
Meningitis 11%
Seizure Disorders 4%
Other Causes (e.g: Head injury, Hypoglycemia) 10%

Benefits of Immunization For Nigerian Children

Immunization is a medical practice which employs the use of vaccines, which are weakened or dead antigens(could be virus, or protozoa) to improve our immune system.

  1. Immunization is made to prevent diseases and not to cure sicknesses.
  2. Immunization/Vaccination is not a means/strategy to reduce population.
  3. Immunization/Vaccination doesn’t cause impotence/sterility or any other disease.
  4. Immunization is Free and It is your basic right as a Nigerian.

The Following diseases are Preventable by Immunization and given at the following Period:

  • PCV
    From 6 Weeks
  • Vitamin A
    From 6 Months
  • Measles, Yellow Fever
    At 9 Months
  • Meningitis
    At 12 Months
  • HPV Vaccine
    Girls 13 Years+
Public Health and Benefits of Immunization

Meet the Team

Is it the people who make Public Healthcare Guide what it is and we all work together to provide the best quality of care.

Medical Walk-in Process

At Schools and Markets

It is important to meet people where they work if Health education must be provided adequately.

At Villages and Remote areas

Most individuals in this areas have less access to proper health care facilities. Hence the need for proper health education and Medical outreaches.

Medical Outreaches

With our deeply rooted medical outreaches, those in remote areas are able to benefit from basic health care access and proper health Education.