4 Areas You should Wash When You Bathe

Bathing is an act, and a lot of people do this act wrongly, mostly due to time and other factors, but not bathing thoroughly, especially in some vital areas can make your body become a breeding ground for some organisms.

Most persons have formed the habit of just pouring water on their body when they go to bathe. Some even do not use soap when they bathe and this is not good. You should always use soap at all times, except if you have a condition known as Aquagenic Pruiritus where you tend to itch after bathing.

It is important to take care to wash & clean some hidden & vulnerable areas of your body when you bathe, and that is the essence of this write up. Doing this would ensure you remain healthy, and help you prevent a lot of skin diseases.


The common hidden areas which people forget to wash properly are as follows;

  1. Behind the ears
  2. The Armpits
  3. The genital & anal areas
  4. In-between your fingers & your toes

Behind the Ears:

The back of ears & the areas around the ear is one common part that most persons skip when they take their bathe. People do not take much care when they wash the area around the ear, no wonder when some persons come out from a bath, you either notice soap particles left there or even dirt.
This area is exposed to the outside & can harbor germs & dirt. Take time to clean them when bathing.

The Armpits:

The armpit is a very important part of our body & one of the dirtiest (aside from the part we soil daily). This is due to the fact that the Armpit produce a lot of secretions from sweat, to oil which help keeps the area moist. During our daily activities, bacteria can mix with these secretions causing some unpleasant odour.
Aside the bacteria, parasitic organisms like the hair & body louse live in this areas and lay their eggs undisturbed. You should endeavor to wash your armpits very well when bathing, use deodorants or antiperspirants when necessary to prevent body odours and trim the hairs around the armpit regularly to prevent germs lodging in it.

Genital & Anal areas:

The genital area is similar to that of the Armpit. It also contains a lot of hairs and sweat pores that produce sweat and other oily secretions to keep the area moist & can also harbor parasites like the pubic louse. The anal region is usually ignored when people take their bathe. Aside from the fact that it is an area for defecation, which makes it prone to harbor unwanted organisms, it is also a hidden area and hence, people tend not to wash it properly.

When defecating, it is better to use water & little soap when you can to wash rather than using tissue paper to wipe, which can leave particles of feces around the anus. Also cut the hairs around these areas.
Do not forget to always wash your hands after leaving the toilet.

In-Between Fingers and Toes:

The spaces between our fingers & toes can carry a lot of unwanted germs & parasites. Remember, this is the part of the body that you use to work, walk, eat, shake people, touch things, etc, yet when we bathe, we quickly just brush over the area and move on. You should try to wash the areas in between your fingers and toes properly, as well as under the nails. Also always cut your nails when necessary so that they do not harbor germs underneath.

A lot of skin diseases like scabies & dermatitis as well as those caused by certain fungus occur in these areas & these can be prevented if they are always kept clean.

Like most people would say, Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Health is wealth!

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  • Mbonu Clinton Anyo attended the College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, in ituku-ozalla, Enugu state, Nigeria.

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