6 Ways to maintain Healthy & Quality sperms


To achieve fertilization and pregnancy, and eventually a healthy baby, which is every couple goal, the quality sperms must meet & fertilize the egg leading to subsequent implantation.

For this to happen, the sperms have to be healthy and of good quality. What this means is that, the semen produced by the man have to be OK in number, volume, amount, structure, energy level, as well as mobility.
If there is a problem with any of these qualities of a good sperm, pregnancy would be difficult to achieve.

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Qualities of a good Sperm

These is talking about the factors that makes up a good Sperm. These factors are routinely checked in the Seminal Fluid Analysis of a man. These qualities include;


This refers to the total amount of semen produced in the ejaculate.


This refers to the amount of sperm cells that is in the semen.


This means the Structure (head, body & tail) of the sperms in the semen. It is a common saying that “2 heads are better than one”, but this is not true when it comes to the sperm. ONE SPERM HEAD is better than 2. Sperms with 2 heads are damaged sperms. A damaged sperm cannot fertilize an egg, and even when it does, it would lead to either miscarriage or the birth of a baby with defects. Read about things that can damage your sperm here.


This is talking about the mobility of the sperm. That is if the sperm can move (swim, roll) or not. A sperm that cannot move cannot fertilize and egg or get a woman pregnant.

quality sperms
Sperm cells usually move from the Vagina where they are deposited during sexual intercourse to the fallopian tube where they meet the egg and fertilization occurs. A sperm that is not able to move (swim) cannot fertilize an egg.

All these features are looked for in the Seminal Fluid Assay (SFA), and it is an important test in assessing male fertility. To know more about the seminal fluid analysis, and which result is normal or abnormal, click here.

How to Improve and Maintain Healthy and Quality Sperms

Several factors can affect the quality and health of sperms, but there are ways to prevent such. Here are a few ways that can help you have quality sperms;

  1. Healthy weight
  2. Eating right
  3. Workouts and exercises
  4. Nutrients and minerals
  5. Avoid laptops on the lap top
  6. Reduce smoking, caffeine, alcohol

Eating healthy

To produce quality sperms, one have to eat healthy, and avoid junk foods. Limit eating canned or processed foods, rather, eat more of fresh foods items that came straight from the farm, vegetables and fruits. These fruits and vegetables provide the necessary vitamins, nutrient and minerals that are essential for a healthy sperm production.

Healthy weight

It has been understood that overweight and obese men do have poor quality sperms than men who maintain healthy weight. Being underweight or malnourished also has its effects on the sperm quality and hence fertility.
The weight of a man can affect the production of the hormone necessary for sperm production known as testosterone, hence affecting the overall fertility. To prevent this, it is advised that a man maintains his Body weight (BMI between 19-24). This can be possible through exercise & diet. Read about Obesity and How to Lose weight here.

Workouts and Exercises

This would help in maintaining a health weight that would be essential for better sperm production. Doing at least half an hour of exercise three times (3 different days) a week may improve your low sperm count.
Even if you feel you do not need the exercise, your sperms need it.

Diet: Nutrients and minerals

Some vitamins like vitamin D, C & E are all important for the health of your sperm. These vitamins can be gotten by eating fruits & vegetable rich diets, but if you don’t eat them, you can see your doctor for vitamin supplements to get them.

Avoid “Lapping” your laptops

It has been understood that the enormous amount of heat produced by a laptop in use can affect the quality of your Sperm and lead to the production of abnormal sperms. To prevent this, it is better to use your laptop on a desk or table when you work.

Reduce Smoking, Caffeine and Alcohol Consumption

Cigarette smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol are two factors that have been linked to a poor outcome in a number of diseases, and sperm quality, isn’t an exception. Tobacco affects the motility of the sperms and hence affects the overall ability of them to get to the fallopian tube & fertilize the egg.
Alcohol on the other hand, reduces sperm production. The more the caffeine, the less the sperm count and quality.

quality sperms

Take this steps to protect your sperm today, and get rid of infertility.

Feel free to ask any bothering questions.


  • Nrs. Ossai Kelvin holds a BNSC degree from the University of Port Harcourt, in Ruvers State Nigeria. He is a Registered Nurse as well as a Health Coach, Public health enthusiast, Music Artist, Song writer and Actor. You can follow Nrs. Ossai Kelvin on twitter with: @KelvinOssai

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