Caesarean Section: meaning, reasons to do C/S.

A number of persons must have been hearing about caesarean section, or simply C/S, especially after a woman puts to bed, and you would be wondering what this is. What does it mean to deliver like the “Hebrew Women”? It simply means mother and Child being safe. Having a C/S does not make you less a woman!

Today, we would talk about C/S, why & when it should be done.

What Is Caesarean Section

C/S or Cesarean Section is a surgical procedure done in a pregnant woman in order to deliver her baby. It is an operation during which where a doctor (Obstetrician) makes a cut in your abdomen and into your womb and brings out your baby through it.

caesarean Section
A caesarean Section scar being checked after C/S to know if it is healing fine. Image Credits

What Are The Reasons For C/S?

They reasons why a woman may be asked to consider caesarean section are divided into 3 main groups
I. Mother and Child reasons
II. Maternal Reasons
III. Child Reasons

I. Mother and Child Reasons: these includes;

  1. Feto-pelvic Disproportion: what this means is that the maternal birth canal is not big enough in comparison with the baby’s head, hence, the babies head cannot pass through the mothers pelvis (Birth canal). This is more commonly seen in first time pregnancies. Any attempt to push can be fatal.

II. Mother Reasons: these includes;

Previous Surgeries on the Womb: any previous surgeries performed on the womb such as a previous C/S or a surgery to remove a fibroid would leave scars on the walls of the womb and weakens it. When this happens, and the woman attempts vaginal delivery, the pressure of pushing can lead to the scars tearing, and this can lead go Uterine rupture causing severe bleeding. That’s why C/S is advised. Read more about uterine rupture here.

Birth Canal Obstruction: Sometimes there might be some growths or tumors that are in the passage which the baby would pass through, thereby blocking the baby’s birth canal. Instead of allowing the baby to suffer and die when its way out has been blocked, a C/S is preferred.

Maternal Diseases: pregnancy in a woman with diseases like Diabetes can lead to the development of a very large baby, that are bigger than normal, thereby, making the birth canal too small for them to pass through. This also leads to the feto-pelvic disproportion that was mentioned earlier. Forcing natural birth might cause harm to both the mother and child, hence C/S is preferred.

Previous Vaginal Surgeries: The child is able to come out of the vagina because it’s elastic but when surgical procedures such as Circumcision, “Vaginal Tightening” etc have been performed in the past, these procedures can reduce the elasticity of the vagina and in such case the baby can’t come out. Any attempt to deliver through the vagina can lead to tearing and bleeding.

III. Child Reasons: they include

Fetal Distress: it means the life of the baby is under threat, and needs to come out immediately. Its an emergency. Once the doctor notices that the child is not breathing well, moving well, he would advise for C/S because it wouldn’t be right to put a child that is already under stress through another stress.

Malpresentation: this means that the baby is not lying properly in the womb, at the time when labour is about to begin. The baby normally comes out with the head but there are times when the baby might have the buttocks, legs, hands first and in that situation, a C/S is advised to avoid complications.

What does it mean to deliver like the “Hebrew Women”? It simply means mother and Child being safe. Having a C/S does not make you less a woman!

Do not put the life of yourself and your baby through unnecessary risks!


  • Dr. Echibuogu Nelson Tochukwu currently works as a medical officer at Prince Of Peace Specialist Hospital in Lagos. He holds an MBBS Degree from the Abia State University. He is a story teller, script writer and a lover of sport. You can follow him on twitter below.

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