Care of the Face: 5 things you should never put on your face

Care of the face is very important, as the the face is a very essential part of the body, both in the area of beauty as well as other aesthetic desires. No one wants to follow the girl or guy with one or more face defects or unpleasant conditions. There are a couple of conditions that affects the face such as:

  • Acne (Pimple): almost everyone is familiar with what pimples are. These are small pustles on the skin that results from blocking of the pores in the skin. This obstruction could be due to a substance known as sebum, a type of oil produced by the skin to help in lubricating the skin and hair. Read more about Acne (Pimples) here.
  • Sunburns: while we all know that the sunlight helps our body to create vitamin D, an essential vitamin that helps the body build strong bones and teeth, it is still essential to protect our skin from sunburns, as it is the skin that receives all the sun’s harmful rays. We can do this by Using sunscreens as well as choosing the right periods to go out under the sun. Read more about Sunscreens here
  • Cold Sores: These are form of wounds or ulcers that appear as blisters on the lips. They are a common complication of infections due to Syphilis or Herpes Simplex virus (HSV-1). You can read more about Cold Sores here.
  • Eczema: This is also known as Dermatitis. Eczema is a medical condition of the skin that makes it to appear red and become very dry and itchy. People with Eczema are prone to developing itchy rashes commonly around their elbows and knees, and sometimes on their neck and face.

However, today, we would be looking at care of the face, and some important things to not put on this very sensitive part of our body.

care of the face

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While taking care of the face, here are 5 Things to not Put on your Face

  1. Bar soap: Regular” soap, or bar soap, actually strips your skin of essential nutrients. This is because most bar soap utilizes chemicals that are both tough on the skin and unnatural. The result is rough, dry, and itchy [skin].
  1. Body lotion: Doing this once in a while is okay but continued use of body lotion on the face can lead to blocked pores. Blocked pores lead to acne and blemishes.
  2. “Secret” ingredients: Don’t buy products from sources that cannot list their ingredients. You must know what you are putting on your skin in case you react or if it is a product you should nor be using on your skin. So say goodbye to those mystery organic creams. *side-eyes. Yes I said what I said.
  1. Alcohol products: Alcohol in products, especially in facial toners can dry your skin out. The face compensates by producing excess oils to replace the lost oil and this can make issues like acne worse. See Tips to improve your Acne (Pimples) here.
  1. Semen: Even when it’s just on your face, semen can still transmit STIs. STIs like chlamydia aren’t just spread via penetrative sexual intercourse. Some experts have also said there’s actually nothing in semen that has any benefits for your skin.

Did this make sense? Let me know. Take charge of your health and skin.

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