Coronavirus Recovery: Foods/habits that boost/weaken immunity

As we just crossed 300 deaths in Nigeria due to coronavirus, and with no cure or vaccine in sight, it is even more important to help our immune system (the only current solution) to fight the virus and other infections in our body.

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What is the Cure for Coronavirus?

Currently, there is no known approved treatment for coronavirus disease.

Does everyone who gets the virus die from it?

Most individuals who get infected with Coronavirus would recover. Many would not develop any symptoms at all. Only a few would develop major symptoms, out of which some would die.
In every 100 people that gets infected with coronavirus, about 80 might not develop any symptoms at all, and would be walking freely with the public, going about their regular activities. Out of the 20 that would develop symptoms, 10 might progress to very serious complications, out of which about 5 would die from the complications.

How do People Recover from Coronavirus is there is no drug?

This has become a very commonly asked question, especially in the markets & gatherings. Coronavirus is just like someone having cough & catarrh which is also caused by a virus (only that this one is a very bad one). Most times, when we have catarrh, we dont do anything about it, we just keep drawing in our nose to either blow the catarrh out or take it in, until one day, the catarrh eventually goes on its own. What happened here was the power of your body’s immunity. Your body’s immunity fought & killed the virus causing the catarrh & you got better without even taking any drug.
This is just what happens with coronavirus. The only difference here is that this virus is more aggressive (wicked) than the one that causes cattarh, hence, if your immune system isn’t strong enough to fight & kill the virus, then the virus would kill the person.

What makes a Person Immune to be weak?

A lot of things can make a person’s immune system to be weak. Top of the list includes;

  • Drug abuse: this damages liver cells.
  • Chronic Alcoholism (over a long time): this lead to damage of liver cells
  • Chronic Smoking: this lead to damage of lung tissues. With a bad lungs, we can’t breathe properly. Remember that Coronavirus affects the throat & lungs, so when this happens and we already have a bad lungs, we find it difficult to breathe and then die from respiratory complications.
    Other disease factors that can lead to a weakened immunity are: Diabetes, Cancers, Kidney diseases, etc.

How do We Protect ourselves from Coronavirus?

Drugs & Vaccine trials are still underway in different countries of the world including Nigeria.
For now all we can do is to PREVENT & STRENGTHEN OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM.

  • Prevent by Washing of Hands, Using of Facemask & Practicing Social Distancing.
  • Boost your immunity today by quitting harmful habits like smoking (which lowers your immunity), drug abuse & other unhealthy practices earlier mentioned. Also practice regular exercises & weight reduction if overweight.
Coronavirus helpful measures
Use of face Mask is very important.

What Foods Can Boost Our Immunity?

A number of food ingredients has been suggested to help Boost the immune System. Such foods include:
Garlic & Ginger: have been known to improve a persons immunity over the years. Its a good additive to our foods especially stew or sauce.
Vegetables: Many persons do not know this but vegetables protect our body from a lot of harm due to its antioxidant properties. Let’s make it a habit to add vegetables to our foods (soils, stews, porridge, etc).
Fruits: they are natural sources of essential Vitamins.
Drugs: for those who do not take fruits, you could get drug supplements for vitamin C, vitamin E, etc.

At all times, its essential to remember that prevention is better than cure. Once again, practice social distancing, hand washing, & use of face masks..
Remember, Stay Safe Stay Healthy

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