Covid-19: Nigerian donate N100 in fight against Coronavirus

List of Donors

Since the onset of the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic in the world, especially in Nigeria, which has crippled the economy, infected almost 4,000 persons & killed about 117 persons so far, the government has placed in various measures to curtail the outbreak.

Thousands of of well-meaning citizens and establishments have been supporting the government at various levels through their donations of cash as well as vital equipments & resources to help battle the dreaded virus.

In Lagos State, Nigeria’s most populous city for example, over 14 billion worth of donations has been received since the onset of the outbreak. This was confirmed by the state government on Thursday, 7th May, 2020, while also publishing a list of donors and amount donated in a bid to ensure transparency.

However, what caught the eye in these donations, was the donation of N100 by a young Nigerian known as LAYAH JOHN to help In the fight against Covid-19 in the state.

Mr. Layah John, No 87. Donator on the list

Efforts to reach Mr. John at this time, to know who he is, & to understand the reason for his donation has proved abortive.

However, it is commendable that Mr. John even in this difficult & uncertain times, was able to support the government with what he could afford to.

In the same vein, we plead with other Nigerians to support the government in whatever way they can, in cash or in kind, in the fight against this pandemic, and together, we shall win this battle.

We would like to know your Opinion, What do You think of Mr. John’s donation?


  • Obasi Chinedu David attended the College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, in ituku-ozalla, Enugu state, Nigeria.

5 thoughts on “Covid-19: Nigerian donate N100 in fight against Coronavirus”

  1. Pharm Chukwuemeka Okwo

    This opinion poll is totally uncalled for.

    Whoever the John is, he donated what he had and possibly what he wanted to and it’s a good thing..

    What has this retrogressive govt done for him?

  2. Kudos to everyone on the list. Surprised though by some of the names, but I don’t think this is the complete list.
    Every privileged Lagosian is expected to contribute in their own little way starting from their neighborhood.

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