Covid-19: Stats Suggest Virus is less Lethal in Hot Climates

As the number of Coronavirus cases in the world crosses the 1 million mark, Public Health Nigeria take a look on the number and nature of cases in Africa, and the ecological effects on the Covid-19 cases.

Stats from the AfricaCDC suggests that there are more casualty figures and more deaths in Northern (temperate) Africa than in other parts of Africa combined.

The reason for this haven’t been well understood, but it could be down to a combination of both environmental and genetic fators.

Regardless of the possible cause however, the facts remains that the temperate regions have recorded more deaths than other parts of Africa combined.

Northern Africa (6 Nations) has registered a total of 3,057 cases out of 7,123 cases on Africa which represents 42.91% of the total cases in Africa, while the rest of Africa has 57.1% of the cases (about 4,066).

In the same way, Northern Africa, especially the four nations on Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia as at the 3rd of April, 2020 has recorded a total of 203 deaths representing 70.2% of the 289 total deaths as a result of Covid-19 2020 Pandemic.

Southern Africa (9 nations) on the Other end of the pole, with majorly blacks, has the second highest number of cases with 1,558 confirmed cases representing 21.8% of the total number of cases. However, they have the least number of deaths from covid-19 in Africa with 10 recorded deaths out of 289, representing 3.46% of the deaths in Africa. Its either there is something going on down south or there is something we dont know about.

Much is yet to be understood about the new virus causing the 2020 pandemic, but without any doubts, the stats strongly supports that there is an ecological or genetic susceptibility to its infection.

We’d keep a close watch on the pandemic as it unfolds.


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