Covid19 Vaccine: Death of First volunteer in UK trial is false

As scientists around the world battle for a cure or a vaccine to the ravaging Covid19 virus, which has claimed over 300,000 life’s around the globe, there has been various rumors in the vaccine trial in the UK that its first volunteer in the testing process died.

According to N5TI stories, the index volunteer Elisa Granato, who received the first Jab in the Europe Human Covid19 Vaccine trial has died, 2 days after receiving the shot.

Elisa Granato- First Covid-19 Vaccine volunteer

However, oxford news sources has debunked the rumour to be a lie.

Elisa Granato, a British scientists was one of 2 persons who first received the Jab, in a bid to support the scientific process. She is said to be doing well.

According to Elisa Grana“Participating in the Oxford vaccine trial has been an exciting experience so far. I mainly went into this thinking this will be extremely interesting, especially as a scientist, to see the ‘other side’ of clinical trials. To see what it feels like to be a participant in one, and not just reading about the data in a paper someday”.

Oxford University researchers began the first UK testing for a COVID-19 vaccine in human volunteers on 23rd April. 

We’d continue following the development keenly from production till public use.


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