Do you Feel Like You Are Being Judged When you go to Get Contraceptives?

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In a story shared by Popular Nigerian Doctor, @Aproko_Doctor, we feel a lot of Nigerians, especially the ladies find it difficult to purchase contraceptives meant from their own protection. This has been down to various religious, cultural or moral beliefs. However these acts make these persons very uneasy & ashamed to make these purchases.

According to @Aproko_doctor, “My friend (who is a lady) went to buy condoms and the shop owner started preaching to her.”

Other people’s decisions are not your business. It is attitudes like these that prevent people from getting contraceptives, because they might feel judged at the counter.

I know ladies, that go as far as another local government to get emergency contraceptives because the people on her street will gossip about it. What is worse is when a married woman even attempts to buy them.

People at the point of sales or health workers need to let go of their bias, whatever they might be. If we’re honest, the effect is more on the ladies than the guys and women who go out to buy contraceptives are seen as promiscuous.

After this was shared, a number of persons shared their experiences that happened when they went to purchase contraceptives as follows;

@Moses_Velo: I know guys who in their thirties too shy to buy common condom because of what people would say.
I thank my elder brothers who advised me never to care about what people think. This way I was able to avoid STDs.

@Bea_Esse: I was at a pharmacy some time ago back in school to get an after pill cuz I was trying to avoid pregnancy o, this woman at the pharmacy just looked at me and said she cannot give me cuz at my age I shouldn’t be having sex. I just hissed,eyed her and left.

@shininlite0326: These people are reasons girls don’t like going to the doctors for checkups. They would rather self medicate when they suspect they have an infection till it becomes unmanageable. Sad.

@Chancesojumah: Me I don’t have time for rubbish. I no dey send their face at all, when I was single or even as I don marry still carry myself to the pharmacy to buy condom, most times I even buy varieties..and in case I forget to use protection, I carry myself go straight to buy contraceptive.

@Akanke_tanso: They’ll look at you like, you came to kidnap somebody. I am always surprised. They’ll even wrap it inside nylon for you. Let it now be some morning after pill, oh Jesus, they’ll be looking like a thief in the night before handing it over to you.

You have to be able to stand being labelled anyways, if you don’t mind being labelled, you move. One day, I actually confronted some attendants in good Yoruba, I gave them good education. Do you want to sell or you want to keep looking at me like didinrin ndato?

@R_gaiusdavid: First time I went to the pharmacy to get condom, I stood there for some time waiting for every one to clear. no way
Finally had to call a friend to come meet me, d guy went straight to the attendant and said “give me 4 pack” all eyes on him, he wasn’t move, that day I learnt😁

Those are a few comments from those who have felt embarrassed when they went to purchase contraceptive.

Have you felt same before?? Share your story with us via comment below!


  • Obasi Chinedu David attended the College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, in ituku-ozalla, Enugu state, Nigeria.

8 thoughts on “Do you Feel Like You Are Being Judged When you go to Get Contraceptives?”

  1. Now a lot of people avoid pharmacies and chemist like this because of the stereotype surrounding sex and condom(judging people), it is this type of attitude that leads to unwanted pregnancies and diseases… Mind your business, sell your products.

    First time i ever walked in to get a condom, i was above 18, but the eyes that followed me were judgmental and I can’t lie, i was frightened. I gathered momentum oh! Then talk more of people who can’t because of stereotype

  2. I no the shame about sex again o… It’s my health and I am protecting it.

    I will tell you give me Fiesta condom and lubricant with my church mind, I don’t care if my parish priest is standing there.
    After all it’s just sex. I no commit murder

  3. During my undergraduate programme I went to a pharmacy owned by a lecturer,a devoted Catholic to buy condom & the man didn’t respond to me when I asked for condom. He even marked my face & told my elder brother his colleague but he got more than what he bargained for.

  4. I remember that year in my 300l days, a friend was feeling somehow and needed to get PTstrip to be sure of what was happening. That was my first time seeing it self, so I went to the pharmacy around, it’s actually a big one with many pharmacist attending to customers, that was my main reason going there cos nobody go reason you except the person attending to you. Just as I said "get me PTstrip", na so one of them look me and smiled. I felt so guilty ehn, till I graduated I seldom pass the street.

  5. First time i bought postinor2 I asked the lady about the dosage and she totally ignored me like I was stupid. I just took the drug and left.

  6. I went to a chemist to buy condom ones, i waited until he attended to everyone before i ordwred mine. But now? I walk in majestically and shout at the top of my voice that i want CONDOM!!!

  7. Chinedu j Onunkwo

    My first day of buying condom, I just jejely walked into the pharmacy, asked the sales girl which brand was available. She gave me kiss, I gave her 150. Another customer was there. I cannot allow anybody intimate me on what every mostly enjoy. Mtchwww

  8. I don’t buy contraceptives at pharmacies close to my house because of the pharmacist reaction. People can’t just mind the business that pays them

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