Genital Warts: where they appear, complications, diagnosis

Genital warts, otherwise known as condyloma acuminatum, are soft, fleshy growths that appear on or/and within the private part. They can cause pain, discomfort, and itching. The warts could be just mild, appearing on the thighs or severe enough to for a giant mass covering the entire genital area.

In this write up, we would be discussing the Areas of the body where Genital warts are found, risk factors and possible complications of genital warts as well as the diagnosis of the warts.

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Which areas can I see genital warts?

The location of genital wart is slightly different between the genders except for those who engage in oral sex with someone who is already having the infection.


Genital Warts
Genital warts is a form of Sexually Transmitted Infection. Image Credits: Clarewell Clinics

Genital warts on males may appear on the following areas:


  • thighs
  • penis
  • groin
  • scrotum
  • inside or around the anus

For females, these warts may appear:


  • Outside the anus
  • on the cervix
  • outside of the vagina
  • inside of the vagina
  • Inside the anus

For both gender especially those involve in oral sex, it may appear on


  • Mouth
  • Tongue
  • Lips
  • Throat


Risk factors for genital warts

The disease is commonly seen in sexually active individuals, yet, the warts are even more common in individuals who:


  • smoke
  • have poor immune system
  • below 30 years of age.
  • might have suffered from child abuse as a child.
  • were transmitted the virus from their mother during childbirth


What are other possible complications of HPV?

HPV have been known to cause the majority of cervical cancers in women. Other types of HPV may also cause cancer of the vulva, which are the external genital organs of women. They can also cause penile and anal cancer but on a rare instance.


How are genital warts diagnosed?

Immediately you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms or you are not comfort due to unusual occurrence within your private part, please consult a trained doctor for solution and advice.

To confirm the diagnosis, your doctor will perform a physical examination at any areas where you suspect warts may be occurring. This is routinely done for ladies.


For women only

Due to the nature of women’s genitals, warts can occur deep inside their body. Because of this, their doctor may need to do a pelvic examination. This might be very uncomfortable.

A Pap test otherwise known as a Pap smear may also be requested to check for the presence of HPV and also know if there are other lesions that may be cancerous.

As a woman, in case you are not satisfied and need to fully establish that you are free from either precancerous changes or cancer, you need an advanced test under your doctor’s recommendation, the DNA test will tell the exact strain of Human Papillomavirus that you have contracted.

For Men

Men do not go through all these processes women go through in order to identify the exact cause except when it occurs inside the anus. Nevertheless, consulting a doctors always make the diagnosis accurate and treatment fast-tracked.

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