Having Sex during Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

This is question that has bothered most couples during the 9 months that the pregnancy will last and they wonder if & how they can have sex with pregnancy. Hence, today, we are going to talk about sex during pregnancy.

In general “SEX IS VERY SAFE IN PREGNANCY” unless your doctor says otherwise. Having sexual intercourse will not hurt the child in the womb, your husband’s penis would not go beyond your vagina, so your baby is safe.

As far as pregnancy is normal with no complications, having sex and orgasm won’t cause you to go into labour or cause miscarriage.

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In the Later stages of pregnancy, an orgasm or sex itself can cause mild contractions because sperms contains a hormone called “Prostaglandin” that can cause those contractions. These contractions are called “BRAXTON HICKS CONTRACTIONS”.

They can be very uncomfortable but are perfectly normal, so there is no to worry. You may also notice small spotting, don’t be scared, it’s also normal


There are conditions where sex in pregnancy is not advised, they include:

  1. Placenta Previa: This is when the placenta covers the mouth of the womb called the cervix. Sex is not advised here because it could lead to life threatening bleeding.
  2. Premature Rupture Of Membrane (PROM): Normally the water (membrane) breaks at the beginning of labour but some women’s water may break way before labour starts and that’s what we call PROM.
    Sex shouldn’t be tried as there is increased risk of infection.
  3. Cervical Weakness: The cervix is the gate of the womb and it should be close until it’s time for the baby to come out but there are conditions where the cervix is weak and can’t close the womb properly.
    Sex would increase the risk of miscarriage or going into early labour.
  4. Twin Gestation: If scan reveals you’re having twins, you might need to reduce the rate at which you have sex especially if you’ve had history of early labour.
    And if your partner is not faithful, use a condom during sex to protect you and your baby from STI’s

Sex is safe in pregnancy and only becomes a problem if you have any of the above.

Always be open to your doctor and ask questions.

Credit: NHS UK


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