How to Report a Coronavirus Case

Report coronavirus case

Covid-19 is a type of Respiratory virus that affects humans. It is a member of the Coronavirus Family. They are other viruses in this family. Read more on Covid-19 Here.

Who can get tested for COVID19?

1. Anyone with history of travel outside of Nigeria, who presents with fever, cough or difficulty breathing within 14 days of arrival

2. Anyone who comes in contact with a confirmed case who presents with these symptoms within 14 days of contact

3. Those with fever & respiratory symptoms in areas of moderate-high prevalence

Will I pay for testing at the lab?

No. There is no payment for laboratory diagnosis of COVID19 in Nigeria.

Can I test myself?

NO. Remember, there is no validated rapid diagnostic test kit for COVID19 These rapid test kits can provide false results. DO NOT USE

How do I contact my State?

Most states have established hotlines now. We have put this together in a list and in zones. Please contact your state first. If you are unable to reach the state, please contact NCDC.


  • Obasi Chinedu David attended the College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, in ituku-ozalla, Enugu state, Nigeria.

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