Mental Health: 11 ways you might be affecting mothers health Negatively.

Mothers go through a whole lot after Childbirth. They need our support & love to make it through this period. In this maternal Mental Health Month (May, 2020), we want to talk about things you might be doing that is affecting their health negatively, which you might know or not know.

All of us are connected to Mothers; ours, sisters, spouses, aunties, friends

Are you affecting their mental health negatively?

You may be doing this by;

  1. Asking consistently about when they plan to have kids when they have delay.
  2. Not listening to their struggles & playing the ‘l had it worse than that so what?’
  3. Ignoring their pregnancy struggles; medical, psychosocial & emotional
  4. Isolating & not supporting them
  5. Mocking body changes in pregnancy; weight gain, skin changes
  6. Criticizing their mode of delivery C/S vs vaginal.
  7. Criticizing gender of their babies
  8. Judging how she feeds her baby, you don’t even know why!
  9. Criticizing their bodies after delivery (stretch marks, weight, gait)
  10. Consistently critiquing their parenting style
  11. Comparing miles stones of their babies to that of others. Eg talking about not sitting, crawling to speaking early enough. We are all different and so are babies

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Preserve their lives

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