Ever seen a Mother Trying to kill her child? Post Partum Psychosis

Post partum Psychosis


Before we define, let’s breakdown the phrase “Post Partum Psychosis”

• POST – After
• PARTUM – Childbirth
• PYSCHOSIS – Mental Problem

“After Childbirth Mental Problem”

Hope it makes sense now… Let’s continue

Its a severe but treatable form of mental illness that occurs after having a baby. It can happen “Out Of The Blue” to women who have never had any mental illness before. It normally occurs within the 1st few days to few weeks after birth

Other forms of “After Birth Mental Problems”
POST PARTUM BABY BLUES: This happens in about 80% of mothers after child birth. It’s a feeling of sadness and moodiness after child birth.

Its caused by the following;
Change in hormones after birth

  1. Stress
  2. Isolation
  3. Tiredness
  4. Change of hormones


  1. Feel sad
  2. Feel moody
  3. Have trouble sleeping

Home Remedy

  1. Sleep well
  2. Take out time for yourself
  3. No alcohol or drugs

Baby Blues usually go away on its own within a week. No need for medications but if it doesn’t, See your doctor.

POST PARTUM DEPRESSION: Depression that occurs after childbirth. It’s more severe than “Post Partum Baby Blues”

Signs include:

  1. Mood swings
  2. Excessive crying
  3. Difficult bonding with baby
  4. Withdrawal from family
  5. Loss of appetite
  6. Inability to sleep or sleeping too much.
  7. Hopelessness
  8. Anger
  9. Panic attacks
  10. Thoughts of harming yourself or the baby etc.

This is an “Emergency” because if left untreated, it may last for months or longer and the child won’t get adequate mother care.

So…”Post Partum Psychosis

It’s a rare condition that occurs after the first few weeks of delivery.
The signs and symptoms are very severe. More like full blown “madness”

Signs include:

  1. Excessive energy and agitation
  2. Hearing and seeing things that are not there.
  3. Confusion
  4. Sleep disturbances
  5. Attempts to harm herself or the baby.

It may lead to life threatening thoughts or behavior and requires IMMEDIATE TREATMENT.

Women go through a lot. They deserve all the love and care during pregnancy and after delivery.


  • Dr. Echibuogu Nelson Tochukwu currently works as a medical officer at Prince Of Peace Specialist Hospital in Lagos. He holds an MBBS Degree from the Abia State University. He is a story teller, script writer and a lover of sport. You can follow him on twitter below.

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