Sleep Disorders: Too much sleep, poor sleep, Causes, Treatment!

Sleep disorders

A good number of our youths have different problems with sleeping. Some of them talk in their sleep. These are known as Sleep disorders. Some others walk in their sleep. Some even struggle or fight in their sleep. This is not from any spiritual attack or witchcraft. It is a form of sleeping disorder & they are all treatable.

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What are sleep disorders?

These are different form of disturbances to the normal sleep. An average human is expected to have at least 7 hours sleep in a 24 hour period. There are different types of sleep disorders.

  • Some individuals complain that they always find themselves sleeping too much, even when they do not want this. This sleeping too much is known as hypersomnolence or excessive daytime sleepiness.
  • Others complain that they find it difficult to sleep no matter how much they try, they cannot sleep. This insufficient or poor-quality sleep is know as insomnia.
  • For some others, they have been told by their partners or siblings that they always exhibit abnormal behaviours like fighting, struggling when they sleep. This one is called parasomnias.

Don’t be surprised, it happens. They are not Jackie Chan.

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Type & Causes of Sleep Disorders

Insomnia: this is the condition where you cannot sleep enough (poor sleep). You just lie down to sleep, and before 2 hours, you have woken up again. This is usually caused by psychological or psychiatric issues. It can also be due to emotional factors, shift from work, other environmental causes, pain, and so on. It is a common problem.

Insomnia can so severe enough to make you cry.

Hypersomnolence: This condition whereby you are always sleeping. Every time, they are telling you that you sleep too much & you are wondering what the problem is. The most common cause is what is known as obstructive sleep apnoea (we’d talk about this later).
Another cause is narcolepsy.
Narcolepsy: this is a type of sleep disorder that causes irresistible urges to sleep, usually affecting your normal activities. When it comes, you cannot resist it. Those affected would have at least one of these symptoms:
● sudden loss of muscle tone making you fall asleep during normal daytime activities like reading, writing or working. This can be triggered by surprise, laughter or emotion.
● Frightening hallucinations when you want to start sleeping.
● Sleep paralysis: cannot move yourself or talk at some point in your sleep. Microsleep is a very short episode during your sleep which you continue to function (talk, put things away, etc.) and then wake up without remembering any of the activities. Your friends might tell you about this.

Shot of an exhausted young businesswoman sleeping at her desk during a late night at work. Image Credit: Helpguide

Parasomnias: This condition where you are either struggling or fighting in your sleep is due to a problem on the brain. It can manifest in different ways.

Some manifest as night terrors, sleep walking & at the end, you would hardly remember what you did during your sleep, even though those around you would tell you that you were awake & was doing it.
For this class of people, Treatment is usually not required but clonazepam may be of help.

For some other people, they tend to ‘act out’ whatever is happening in their dreams. This is as a result of the failure of the usual loss of muscle tone expected during sleep. Hence, if in their dreams, they are fighting, you would see them actually fighting or struggling with the person next to them on the bed, sometimes injuring themselves or their partner.
For these people, clonazepam is the most successful treatment.

For the last group of people, they are always moving their legs when they are on the bed. This movement is due to some unpleasant sensations which they feel in their legs. This condition is called the Restless leg syndrome or the Ekbom’s syndrome. It is a very common one.
Most times, you don’t need treatment, but if you feel uncomfortable with it, you can use clonazepam.

Treatment of Sleeping Disorders.

The most common drug used in the management of these sleeping disorders is Clonazepam. You doctor would tell you the dose to take.
Please, do not take this drug without consulting your doctor.

Let is share the awareness.
Please, someone fighting in the sleep is not spiritual or witchcraft. It happens to a lot of persons & it is manageable.


  • Obasi Chinedu David attended the College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, in ituku-ozalla, Enugu state, Nigeria.

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