Uterine Rupture: Prevention, Causes, Treatment

Uterine rupture is a medical condition that occurs when the muscular walls of the womb tears (ruptures) during pregnancy. It is a rare medical condition, but when it happens, it can result to life-threatening complications for both mother and child. It can occur during late pregnancy or active labor. Uterine rupture commonly occurs in most women, along healed scar lines in those who have had previous cesarean section deliveries.

Uterine Rupture
Tear of the Uterine wall can lead to blood loss to the Abdomen. Image credits: Stepwards

Causes Of Uterine Rupture

The causes of Uterine rupture Includes:

Previous Surgeries: Any prior surgery that has been done before on the womb e.g. Ceasarian Section C/S, myomectomy (removal of fibroid) etc, would leave scars on the womb and when a woman tries to push during labor, it can cause the womb to tear along those healed scars.

Large Baby Size: If the womb is stretched too much due to too much amniotic fluid or more than one baby in cases of twins, triplets etc.

Complications Of Uterine Rupture

The complications of uterine rupture includes:

  1. Blood loss for the mother
  2. The unborn baby is always more at risk as he/she spills out of the womb into the abdomen with no supply of oxygen. If the baby is not delivered within 10-40mins, death could result due to lack of oxygen.

Treatment Of Uterine Rupture

  1. There are cases where the womb will have to be removed to stop the bleeding (a process known as hysterectomy) and some others the womb could be surgically repaired.
  2. Transfusion of blood to replace lost blood.
  3. Deliver baby surgically and place on oxygen immediately.

Prevention Of Uterine Rupture

Register for Antenatal care and pay attention to your doctors.
Women who have had more than one caesarian section in the past are advised to NOT consider vaginal delivery in their next delivery. They should deliver again through caesarian section. Read more about Caesarian section here.

Don’t forget, Hebrew delivery remains “Baby and mother safe”. C/S delivery doesn’t make you less a woman!

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  • Dr. Echibuogu Nelson Tochukwu currently works as a medical officer at Prince Of Peace Specialist Hospital in Lagos. He holds an MBBS Degree from the Abia State University. He is a story teller, script writer and a lover of sport. You can follow him on twitter below.

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