Antenatal Monday: Have you had your Tetanus Vaccination?

Tetanus Toxoid

This monday, on Antenatal, @Naijaobgyn would talk to us about Tetanus toxoid Vaccinations in Pregnancy.

Tetanus Toxoid Containing Vaccine aka TT is important.

Tetanus infection is from Clostridium tetani.
It is a bacteria that is capable of infecting & killing a new baby!

It usually enters the baby’s body through unhealed umbilical cord

In adults, it can cause infection of poorly treated wounds, leading to breakdown & gangrene. That is why it is recommended that one takes tetanus injection, once there is a cut, especially involving metals (rusted).

When a mother gets TT vaccine, baby will receive protection from mother before it is born

This vaccinations have continued to help reduce tetanus infection amongst us.

As a woman, you need to take a total of FIVE DOSES to get life long protection, some even add booster dose.

For women of child bearing age, if you are not being offered TT at your care centre, ask for it !

Use attached table to learn more on when & how protected you are.

How many doses of TT you have recieved?

How many more to make it FIVE?

Share your experience with TT vaccine

From our Obs & Gyn Specialist.
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  • Obasi Chinedu David attended the College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, in ituku-ozalla, Enugu state, Nigeria.

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