Female Genital Mutilation: Risks, Dangers, Stop it Today!

On this children day, we remember the dangers and long lasting effects of Female genital mutilation. Just imagine your face being cut severally with a sharp knife, up to a 100 times. Thats the type of pain that is felt during Female Genital Mutilation.

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Female Genital Mutilation

It’s the removal of the parts of the female genitals (labia majora, minora and the clitoris) and then stitching together together of the vulva (female external genitalia). This terrible act is practiced in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan. According to reports, the ritual is done to stop the girl from having sex before marriage

The girls leg is bound together for 2-4wks to allow healing. So no movement for 2-4wks and a tiny hole is created for the passage of urine and menstrual blood.

And the vagina is only penetrated by the husband using a knife or his penis in a process called DEINFIBULATION.


They are divided into two groups: Short Term & Long Term

Short Term Health Risks

  1. Severe Pain: from cutting sensitive genital parts. Know that the genitals have a lot of nerve supply.
  2. Excessive Bleeding: due to cutting an artery. The bleeding is severe.
  3. Shock: which can be from the pain, excessive bleeding and/or infection.
  4. Genital Swelling: from the cuts.
  5. Infections: due to the use of contaminated instruments for the cutting and during healing.
  6. Urination Problem: The person may not be able to pass urine again with urine filling up the bladder or she will have severe pain urinating.
  7. Death: Death could result from tetanus, excessive bleeding that can lead to shock.
  8. Mental Health Problems: Its a traumatic experience that leaves the person scarred for life.

Long Term Health Risks

  1. Vaginal Problems: Such as vaginal discharge, itching and other Infections.
  2. Menstrual Problems: Painful menses, irregular menses and difficulty in passing menses with the tiny hole.
  3. Excessive Scar Tissue: There will be keloid formations around the vagina from the excessive cutting.
  4. Sexual Health Problems: With the clitoris The most sensitive part of a human vagina removed, she won’t enjoy sex and the trauma would make her hate the act.
  5. Childbirth Problems: The vagina is the passage through which the child comes out but with it being tampered with, the woman would need C/S for safe delivery.

This is one of the worst and most barbaric act being practiced in this 21st century & Some forms of this cutting (mutilation) is still practiced in some parts of Nigeria.

Protect The Girl Child
Stop Infibulation
Stop Female Genital Mutilation


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